Was there an update to UI and XLS schema?

08-26-2019 09:32 AM
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This morning I noticed a few minor changes to the user interface within the Survey123 app (button appearances, etc...) and I had to sign back into some applications (Collector). This is fine, but settings I had on our geopoint question (a bounding box limitation giving the user an error message if they select a location outside of our state) now seem to be broken.  Regardless of the location (in or out of state), the bounding box error message displays.  

Was there an update last night?  Is anyone else experiencing this?  I'd appreciate any and all feedback - this is being noticed on one of our higher usage apps and if it will be an ongoing issue or bug, I need to notify users and take next steps.  Thank you, 


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi Emily,

Yes, with the recent 3.5 release there were changes to the UI and way questions and messages are displayed in the app, most controls got an update to new Qt 2.0 controls and also improved layout, size and behaviour. Can you explain the change you are seeing in more detail and how it is not working compared to previous versions (screenshots) and also provide your xslx file if possible?

Error messages (required or constraints for example) should still work as previous (in fact many issues found in 3.3 where they were not working have been fixed in 3.5), however they now appear in a different way in the form (in-line vs pop-up).



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