Vector Tile Package Creation With Vector Basemap

10-29-2020 06:08 PM
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I am trying to create a vector tile package that I can use for offline use for a survey that I am working on in Survey123. The map contains a polygon and around 1,000 points. In ArcGIS Pro I have these shapefiles overlaid on a vector basemap from the ArcGIS Living Atlas portal. 

When I run the Create Vector Tile Package tool I continuously get this error:

ERROR 001852: Layer type is not supported for vector tile packages.

I have tried five different vector basemaps, including vector tile layers, and all return this message.

If I remove the basemap, I can successfully run the tool and create a .vtpk. However, I need to have a basemap so that users of the survey will have some sort of spatial reference to where they are at.

I have been searching high and low for a definitive answer to the issue that I am having with trying to export a Vector Tile Package with one of the "vector" basemaps from the ESRI portal and cannot find anything. A lot of the ESRI help and/or examples are pretty vague about the usage of basemaps.

I have tried to use the online map packaging, however using that method gives me the opposite problem in that I cannot have the feature layers and only the basemap.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated as I have been running this tool all day to no avail.

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Hello @GarrettSmith1 ,

I understand that you are trying to create a vector tile package using Esri's vector tile basemaps  and your own custom data with the error message ERROR 001852: Layer type is not supported for vector tile packages.

As the error suggests, this layer type (Esri's vector tile basemap) is not supported in creating a vector tile package because it is already a vector tile service:

Could you please try using these vector tile basemap services in this ArcGIS Online group instead?

Note: An ArcGIS Online subscription is required to export tile packages.

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Reference:create vtpk from Esri Vector Basemaps 

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I am having the same problem and the same error message:

ERROR 001852: Layer type is not supported for vector tile packages.

The @Kanin solution doesn't work for me.

I tried with many services from Living Atlas, from Arcgis Online..but nothing worked.

The only way I has a vtpk was with the "Download Map" option in the Offline sectiorn from the Map ribbon.


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