Using survey123 website URL parameters to generate feature reports

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Hi All,

Could anyone help me to understand what we can add in the survey123 website url to go directly to the specific point in the page. 


For example:;objectids:all&extent=&filter=(0.)&portalUrl=


As we can see the elements are report,extent,filter,portalUrl and so on.

Basically, I have a survey and its results presented in the dashboard and  the users can click on the link to generate directly a report for the filtered feature and the link is like below:

Hussam_AlJabri_0-1624614363527.png;format:docx&filter=(0.dss_gi... - this will open the data tab

?report=objectIds:selected;format:docx;templateItemId:xx - will open the feature report window in the lift of the page and select "selected records only" and chose format as .docx and chose the template.

Here I need to go deeply to name the report and unchecked "Save to my ArcGIS account"

then generate the report automatically.

Kindly support @JamesTedrick 

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Hello @Hussam_AlJabri

Unless you need the UI, I would suggest using the Survey123 Report REST API. Using the Report REST API you can send your report requests exactly how you like. 

I have a very basic sample app in GitHub that shows how the Report REST API can be used in a custom application that ultimately can be embedded in a Dashboard. 

Thank you, 


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Thanks @ZacharySutherby


Would you please help me to apply your idea to generate a report using survey123 API because I'm not sure if I understand to try it.



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