Using Survey123 how do you add a note field and reference the last Date and Time field from a previous survey collection ?

03-17-2020 09:37 AM
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Im trying to create a survey that will display a note field for the user that displays the last date and time a location was edited. 

Thank you. 

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Hey Snead Prasad‌,

Are you trying to edit the existing data as well or just reference it? You could set the survey up for editing which will allow you to see al the existing data and modify it. If you had an initial capture date and a last modified date that would be visible.

To make the survey editable you can have a look at this documentation:

Prepare for editing existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Happy to discuss further!



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Ben , thanks for your reply. 

I would like to reference the data in the Survey123 form as a note. The user requirements dont require that the field be editable. Currently the workflow uses collector to navigate to a location and then from there when the user selects a point, they can link to a Survey123 form. 

Basically the point in collector contains the name of the feature and the XY fields, we use these fields to populate the name and XY in the Survey. 

The user is hoping in either the Collector editor window below the link to the Survey to see the last time the location had a Survey taken. In the Survey currently i have added a note field that stores the Name of the location and the last time the location had survey taken could also be added here. 

I understand how to pass parameters from Collector to survey , but i dont understand how to pass parameters from the previous survey service url (either created date or edited date).

Hope this makes sense. 


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In Collector you could add some Arcade that lookups the related records and then sorts and returns that latest date.  You can then see that in the popup and pass it over to 123 if you want.

There is some code in here that should get you going. 

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Doug!

I will need to reconfigure my datasets to include a relationship.I will give this option a try. 

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