Using make to email report, and attach to submitted survey

06-29-2022 11:12 AM
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I am wondering if someone could solve this for me. I am using survey123 and make(integromat) for my water districts backflow program. The current process creates the report and emails it to the customer. Is there anyway of using the router function as I am showing in the screenshot, to also upload the report as an attachment to the featured layer based on objectID or GUID

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Hello @DanielTringale

It would be beneficial to see how your last HTTP connector is configured. Based on the label "Get a file" that doesn't seem to be correct that HTTP connector should be posting an attachment to the feature service's REST API. You would need to send an addAttachment POST request to the REST API of the object ID for the record you are looking to attach the report to. The URL will be something like<orgID>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<serviceName>/FeatureServer/<layerID>/<objectID>/addAttachment?token=<validAccessToken>


You would then need to pass the Report file you extracted in the first HTTP module in the `attachment` parameter, and if you want to include a keyword set that in the `keywords` argument. Please see this documentation for more information on the addAttachment resource. 

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