Using an existing image file of a vehicle to add info at an Inspection point

10-26-2022 08:26 AM
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I am working on a new survey123 connect form to facilitate vehicle inspection.  I am trying to add existing diagrams of different vehicles types to be inspected. I already charged the images to the media folder and from there i can pull the image to be shown on the form, also choosing the form according to the type of vehicle to be inspected.

Do not know If it is possible to use the appearence annotate or what else, so I can allow the inspector to go over the basic image and add information of bumps and scretches, missing parts of the vehicle, etc.

the idea is avoid the need to be tacking pictures every time the inspection is needed, and also to use a basic layout of every type of vehicle.

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Hi @CARLOSDIAZ_ARAUJO  Totally possible. Check the Annotation sample as shown below. You can always show the same image, or make the image dynamic, as shown in the video and XLSForm below.