User role and privileges necessary to export?

04-17-2019 07:43 AM
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What specific role privileges are required to allow a user to export a survey from the Survey123 website to excel?  My testing shows that the user role must be set to be 'Publisher' to make this functionality work. 

In our senario we would like our field collectors to access the data and do data checks which is most convenient to do in excel. I however do not wish to open up publishing rights to these users.    'Data Editor' rights which are described as being able to create, edit, and delete their own content is the most logical setting but the export function is not available when I select that setting. 

Is it ESRI's intent to only allow export functionality from the website to 'Publishers' or are there other settings that I can change to allow this specific functionality but limit other functionality on the user level with a Creator type license and still make this work but not allow publishing.     



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Hi Kevin,

As you note, currently a Publisher role (specifically, the 'publish hosted feature layers' privilege).  This is planned to be revised in the next release of the Survey123 website to the 'create item' privilege; this will still require a Creator user type. The data export capability uses ArcGIS Online's Export Item—ArcGIS REST API: Users, groups, and content | ArcGIS for Developers capability, which creates the exported content as a new item. 

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when is the next release of Survey123? we have the exact same need for field crew and planners to export data from the survey.

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Hi Ninna,

The update that should have addressed this issue was released on May 23th; see the note on BUG-000120077 in