Desktop computer vs a mobile device?

05-24-2019 12:05 PM
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Is there a way to tell whether a survey was filled out on a desktop computer vs a mobile device?  Our survey is being marketed mostly via a QR code on outdoor signage, but also by a web link posted on a campus web page.  I would like to see what proportion of responses are coming from each source, in order to determine if we should continue to spend money on the QR code signs.  Is there a data field that can be accessed/added using Survey123 Connect that encodes that information into a data record?


Allen Risley

Cal State University San Marcos

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Hi Allen,

One way of determining this is to have a hidden question in the survey to store the method of survey access.  You would append to each link a URL parameter to store the method access (i.e., arcgis-survey123://?itemId=<FORMID>&field:linktype=qrcode )


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