Upgrade an existing survey in Survey123

12-11-2019 02:14 PM
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We have an existing Survey123 app. I have downloaded the feature service because I want to modify the form by adding new questions. When I created a new survey in Survey123 Connect, I selected feature service. I then edited the form and it worked perfectly the way I would like it to be.

When I tried to publish the survey, I get the following error:

The custom feature service submission url is not compatible with this survey(Fields not found in the feature service:11).

What do I need to do to address this so I can publish the survey? Thanks.

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Hi Dionisio,

It sounds like the feature service was not created by Survey123 Connect, correct?  In that case, you will need to add fields to the feature service to match the questions you have added (or changed the name of) in the XLS file.  This would include any nots that you have given name values for (names are optional for notes).  If there are intermediate questions (questions you do not need to store the values for) you could also set the esriFieldType to null in the XLS file to avoid needing a field.

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I really appreciate that post.  I was using hidden fields to drive a cascading select and since the hidden field was not a part of the feature service I couldn't publish.  Setting the esriFieldTypes to null was the trick.

Thank you 

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