Indicating Photos in the Sent/Inbox

02-25-2020 06:50 PM
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To Effectively Indicate which Line Items (Surveys) Photos are Taken in, from the Sent/Inbox.


We average 300-1500 line items for some of our larger surveys and we are already utilizing the "Save Favorite Answer" function as well as the "Copy the sent data to a new survey" function. However, it is still difficult to scroll through large quantities of similar data without an image reference.

We have added a yes/no question to the top of the survey that currently displays "PHOTOS" in the Sent/Inbox. However, it requires the surveyor to remember to select "no" when they copy the line item. This leaves room for error and becomes useless to them if they forget.


  1. Is there a way to add an icon image (of one of the photos taken within the survey) to the line items that have photos in them in the Sent/Inbox?
  2. If not, is there a way to highlight the line items that contain photos?
  3. If not the previous two, is there any other way to indicate which line items contain photos?
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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Drew,

By 'line items', are you referring to the instance_name that is displayed in the submission lists?  The instance name is not able to display a thumbnail of an image; it can display the filename.  You can also use calculations to indicate if a photo is present using a calculation like (to report if a question names photo has a photo:

if(string-length(${photo}) > 0, "Photo present", "No photo")

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James, that solution should work!

Thanks very much!

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Hi James, I just tried that solution. However, it isn't working when we copy the sent data to a new survey. It's continuing to calculate that a photo is present even though it's only referencing the original photo taken.

Is there a way to indicate which survey the original photos were taken in?

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