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Updating a hosted csv linked to Survey123

12-15-2022 03:49 AM
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I need to use pulldata for my survey to retrieve multiple columns of a spreadsheet.

Everything works correctly: the csv is hosted online and linked to the form.

Question is: how can I delegate somebody to update it instead of me? I am the administrator and I have data editor users (mobile workers) and viewers. I see that there are publisher roles but I don't want to ask the company to buy it only to add few rows on a spreadsheet from time to time (The department using the form need to update the spreadsheet and want to deal with it themself).

Is there any other way to update a csv file having mobile worker users and viewers? Or maybe setting like an automatic method of external update like python or something?

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This seems to be the way to go, unfortunately I am not having success to make it work.

Have you already tried it? Are you able to guide me on how to use this notebook? Never had to use one before.


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No sorry never used notebooks always regular scripts.  You should be able to use the code in Python stand alone though.  Usually it is a login issue. easiest way is to have Pro logged in then call gis = GIS('pro') at the top of the script.

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