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02-13-2019 12:51 AM
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We can see that there are serveral changes in the Survey123 iOS app that came out january 31 (


So far we have seen the following:

More strict rules in terms of field type:

We have had some fields of the type Decimal where we made some if statements that would give a text string as result (i know its not best practice implementation but it has worked until now). After the iOS update, we needed to changes this.

However, the issue i am facing now is that ealier the app would only support "." in decimal fields. Now it seems that bothe "." and "," are supported. I would like to take the right choices and guide the users whether they should use "." or "," in decimal fields. But i cant find any documentation on this?

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Hi Lars,

The use of a comma or decimal point in a decimal or integer question is based on the locale of the device, this was improved in the 3.2 release to now honour correctly the device locale. If the locale of the device is set to a locale that uses thousand separator commas, then that will be used, if the locale is supposed to use thousand separator points, that will be used. Same applies for the decimal as point or comma.

Also, if you change the locale of the survey via the multiple language support, the new locale set in the survey with be applied to the survey input fields instead of the device locale.

Hope this helps.


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