Update Data Embedded Survey in Dashboard - last edited/created user not correct

03-02-2022 11:45 AM
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We have a Survey embedded in a dashboard where the user can update an existing survey or add a new survey. In both cases, when the survey data is uploaded the created_user or last-edited_user does not grab the username from Portal but populates with Esri_anonymous. Is this expected behavior?

I would like to have S123 grab the actual username of the person logged into Enterprise and updating/creating the survey.



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You need to share your survey with "everyone" in order to embed it, correct? (I think since v3.12?).  Does "keep  track of who created and last updated features" work with layers that are shared publicly? 

Both of these have changed since the last time I looked at them (and I'm not an enterprise user), so I'm not sure how to resolve your issue but this is where I would start.   First screenshot is the Survey123 settings on the survey123 website. The second screenshot is the "settings" page of the hosted feature layer on AGOL. 





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