Unable to Publish with New Version of Connect

09-23-2022 12:43 PM
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I just installed the latest version of Connect (v3.15.178) on a new computer. I signed into the app and downloaded an existing survey form that I created previously using a slightly older version of Connect. When I try to publish the survey I get a message that the current feature service is not compatible with the survey. I get this even when I do not make any change to the survey form. So in theory what I download should match the original survey by default. But for some reason it is not compatible and tries to delete the current feature service if I publish.



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I'm following this thread for updates, but I have a trick you can try to get you through your issue today.

  • Create a new Survey123 linked to your Feature Service
  • Delete the data in the survey tab
  • Paste the previous version's survey tab data (because the questions will come in wonky, and this is an easy fix). 
  • Update the options to match your previous version
  • Then try to submit

Everything should be exactly the same, I hope that works for you.

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