Unable to generate Report: Related table content is not printed even from Sample Template

07-08-2022 08:40 AM
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Hello everyone,

weird thing happening.


I had created a custom report template that was working perfectly. It contains only data from the related table except one. 


Then, I did not used for a while, and today I am trying to print again and I get the message: The task failed because all reports failed to run convert to pdf.

Among hundreds of attempts I created a sample template, automatically generated from Survey123 page.

I noticed that everything that is in between the related table tags is not printed, there is blank space after the main content, even if my survey displays correctly in the table

If I click a record in the main layer all the related records are selected it the other table, and also in the "View form" everything looks fine.

As a sample here on the left the printed one on the right a short template




Any thoughts?


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