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Unable to edit image attachments with draw or annotate appearance options in previously submitted surveys........Is this possible?

06-24-2022 10:43 AM
New Contributor III

I have a survey with a few image questions. One question relies on a preloaded base image to draw on and another question annotates a photo taken within the Survey123 mobile application.

The Survey was designed in Connect v3.14.274.

Is it possible to open a previously sent survey, open and edit a drawn on or annotated image, and resubmit?

I am able to do the above steps, and the survey resends, but does not update the image in the database.  Yet it updates the image on the device. I tried on my own survey and also tried with the existing 'image and annotation' form sample in Connect, with no luck.

Example of originally drawn and submitted image from mobile app.

Original Submission.jpg

Sent Survey Re-opened and edited on mobile device and synced successfully, but is not updated in database (Confirmed by looking at feature layer directly in Pro and the Survey123 data site).


Is this workflow even possible?


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @cbolen

This workflow is technically not possible we have ENH-000136877 (Sent) and ENH-000136878 (Inbox) logged for this functionality. Unfortunately the only way to edit the annotation from the Sent folder would be to copy the survey to a new survey and attach the corrected photo but that would then create two records for the same feature. 

Thank you,