Trouble with Survey123 app on device but works on computer

02-22-2022 02:16 PM
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I am having a strange issue - the survey works correctly on my computer (connect app and on survey123 app), but does not work correctly on the survey123 app on my phone. 

More background - This is a survey that I created over 2 years ago, I updated it last year, and it has been working fine.  I am now updating it this year and the problem arises. I am not making any substantial changes, just copying it over and updating the year, etc.

Other information - This survey uses the pulldata function to grab information from a csv file that is stored in the media folder (which I suspect might be the issue).   Everything looks fine (again, this is the same survey that I have used in the past).  AND it actually works when I use my computer (both on the Connect platform and on the Survey123app on computer), however when I download the SAME survey onto my phone it does not work as I intend.  More specifically, it does not seem to be able to pull the information from the csv file (which I think may mean it didn't fully download the survey with the associated csv table). 

Has anyone had a similar issue or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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Hi Antonio,

Can you confirm the device make/model and OS version? Also what version of field app are you using?

Can you share your XLSForm (xlsx file and csv and other files from media/scripts folders)? This will be the easiest way to troubleshoot the issue.




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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the response.  

I am using a OnePlus 7 Pro phone, Model GM1915. The Android version is 11.

The Survey123 Field App Version is 3.13.244.

I have attached the XLS Form ("LOP2022 Master File") and the two items in the media folder ("address_LV" and "itemsets".

Please let me know if any solutions come to mind.  Thanks!


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