Trouble with Dynamic Grids and Relevant Cells

04-26-2022 12:04 PM
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I am having trouble with dynamic grid layouts if the group contains a relevant cell. In my first example, I have a group that has width 6 (w6). The first three rows have cells with w3 each, the fourth row has three w2 cells, and the fifth row has two more w3 rows. That works fine. However, if a add a sixth row of w6 that is relevant if row 5 cell 2 = 'yes' then all of the widths of the first cell in each row get too large and the others are shortened while the cell is not relevant, but are properly sized when it is relevant. In example 2 a similar thing happens. The group is w2. If the group has no relevant cells, all are sized properly, as shown in the top portion of the image. On the first row, the first cell is w1, and the second cell is a w1 select_one if the first cell is Yes, and a w1 note with no content (<b></b>) if not. But, if the selection isn't 'Yes', the first cell is much wider than it is supposed to be. I must be missing something, but I don't know what. I've included the xls from the images.


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Why do you want to use a dynamic grid? The whole point of the dynamic grid setting is that the cells resize themselves depending on whether conditions are met for various questions. 

You seem to want the grid layout to remain static regardless of whether questions conditions are met. That is when you need to set the settings style to fixed-grid.

Does making that change create the behaviour you want?


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I'm trying to do the same thing. I am using the fix grid and its still giving the same behavior. 


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