Tree asset ID - can I make it unique in Survey123?

04-16-2020 07:47 AM
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Hi everyone,

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I've recently started using Survey123 Connect and XLSForms as I'm developing a tree survey inspection form. In the main it works well but I've hit a stumbling block on the tree (asset) ID. I would like to make this a unique number (preferably from 00001 - 10000 to match metal tree tags) so that once the asset is mapped it will have the same ID in perpetuity. Is there a way I can achieve this?

Ideally, the asset ID would be chosen from a dropdown list to remove manual entry mistakes and then once assigned to a tree at a geopoint this ID would no longer be available for other mapped trees. In the long term we will be returning to the trees e.g. 00001, 00002, 00003, etc. and carrying out repeat inspections so it would be great to have a fixed and unique asset ID.

Thanks in advance for any help provided on this matter.


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