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04-16-2020 09:55 AM
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Is it possible to have a select_one Type that would then trigger multiple autopopulated answers? For example, our Light Dept uses Survey123 to check out inventory from the Warehouse. Once the survey is submitted a webhook is triggered to send an email to the warehouse that the crew will be coming to get the inventory. So currently they choose items individually. They would like to have the option to choose an assembly instead of individual items?
For example, if the guys are going to install a 2” riser, instead of having them order the 2” conduit, stand offs, 2” clamps, bell end, bends, nuts, bolts, etc., they could instead just choose an assembly unit “2 Inch Riser”, and it selects all of the individual items for them automatically?

I've tried the pulldata function but I'm stuck on what calculation or relevant command to use in the excel spreadsheet to get all the items associated with the 2" riser to pull from the spreadsheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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