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travel pictures using Survey123

03-22-2023 09:20 AM
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Is anyone on this forum using Survey123 to geotag and save travel pictures using Survey123?

It's probably overkill, but I may give ot a try.

Thanks in advance.



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Bob, that does sound like overkill! I think I would use something like Quick Capture since it's quicker and kind of built for this type of behavior: 

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I did something like this a couple years ago.  I downloaded some open data from the Irish government, heritage sites or something like that, put them into a web map for use in Field Maps.  I used that map when I was traveling around to keep an eye out for these sites (they were literally everywhere and often unmarked), had a flag I could set to "Visited" from Field Maps and had a URL in the pop-up to launch an S123 form for taking pics.  I could've just used FM for the pics but I wanted to watermark them so I went with S123.

@AdrianWelsh mentioned QuickCapture, I've used it as well and it's generally better (particularly great for collecting linear features to track your walking route) but I did like having Field Maps in the mix too.

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