Transferring data from attachment to Arc GIS online + Survey 123 portal

06-15-2022 11:28 AM
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Dear Community, 

Checking if there is a solution to transfer data from Excel file which is included as an attachment into Survey 123 data + Arc GIS online. Currently, the attached Excel file is viewed as its original format only.

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Hello @TE-Jack

What are you looking to transfer the Excel data into? Are you looking to append data in the Excel file to your feature service? 

Thank you,
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Hi Zachary,

Just to give you a background, we are creating a survey to collect farm data and geospatial data. Some of the farm group may have a few hundred farms listed under one survey. It will be overwhelming if we create the address option (text box in survey) for them to key in each address on the survey.

Instead, we are thinking of an option for users to submit farm data + attach an Excel file that contains the list of farm addresses. 

We are researching if there are any options for the data in Excel to be transferred in the feature layer service without the admin (myself) appending the data. Currently, the Excel attachment can be view as an attachment only.

Also, please view the attached document for a screenshot of the attachment mentioned. 




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