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10-27-2022 05:47 AM
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Hello! I would like to create a survey for my organization. Since the employees work offline, they should also use maps that are available offline. My idea is that each employee has their own tpkx for the area they work in, which they use when defining the position in the survey. Is this possible? And where exactly does the tpkx have to be stored (preferably on the SD card)? We work with the app version 3.16.10

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The tpkx would go directly in the app basemaps folder. 

ArcGIS Field Maps folder: \{MobileUnit}\Card\Android\data\com.esri.fieldmaps\files\basemaps

You can set up offline areas for the map in the Field Maps desktop app, there is also a setting for you to choose if you are using a basemap from the web or a downloaded tpk.

Hope this helps