Text line not showing up with different versions of Survey123

06-16-2021 05:37 PM
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See attachment. The text field (row 18) is supposed to show up so that a user can manually type their name, if their name wasn't available from a list. If "Not Listed" is chosen from the 'select_one Staff' (row 17) choice list, then row 18 should appear. This option works just fine as expected in Survey123 version 3.5.164 (older) but does NOT appear in Survey123 version 3.12.277. Please help me figure out this annoying quirk. Thank you!!

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Hi @KatieRassmussen,

I had a quick look at your XLSForm and believe the problem is related to the comma being used in your choice list. If you remove the commas from your choice list name values, the expression will work as expected.

This is likely due to improvements to the way we handle choice lists and loading values in the database which were introduced in version 3.12. It is good practice not to use special characters or punctuation in names of questions or choice lists. The comma is a specical case also, where it is used in CSV files (comma seperated values) to denote the columns of data. Therefore when you use a comma in the data and it is not wrapped in quotes, the comma will cause the string to be seperated into different columns in the database. The same can occur when the commas are in expressions, such as the relevant expression.

Please refer to documentation regarding special characters: https://doc.arcgis.com/en/survey123/desktop/create-surveys/quickreferencecreatesurveys.htm#ESRI_SECT...

Also refer to this blog: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-blog/what-s-new-in-arcgis-survey123-february-2021/ba-...