Symbolizing (6)Int Fields As One String Field, While The Point Size Is Graduated By Count

07-08-2020 03:16 PM
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I'm trying to find a way to create a symbology based on one string field combined with 1 of 6 integer fields, based on the user's input. And also have the integer graduated on count.

To set the scenario, I have two surveys. Survey1 has 'select_one type_of_damage' that consists of six choices and is meant for users to assess one area of damage. Survey2 is meant to be a quicker way of assessment by allowing users to complete assessments of multiple damages at once so it uses an integer spinner to allow users to assign a count to each one of the 'Type of Damage' types in Survey1. (Survey2 writes to Survey1's feature service via submission URL).

So Survey1 looks like:

      'select_one Type of Damage' =







Survey2 looks like:

           'Type1' = # of how many

           'Type2' = # of how many

           'Type3' = # of how many

           'Type4' = # of how many

           'Type5' = # of how many

           'Type6' = # of how many

But, I need to see differentiation of Survey2 points by "Type of Damage" so I can do more targeted and detailed analysis


Is it possible to have a symbology based on these two fields that looks like this?: "Type(from Survey1), Count (from Survey2)"?

If the user completed Survey1 and selected Type1, the symbology would be Type1. (easy, done)

If the user completed Survey2 and counted (1)Type1, the point would need to be the same color and size as Type1 from Survey1. How can I relate the Survey2 integer back to the same 'Type' selected in Survey1


What if the user completes Survey2 and counts for example: (3)Type1, (1)Type2, and (5)Type3?

Can I symbolize these with a graduated symbol based on count and maintain the rules from above?

I'm wondering if any of this is possible. I'm need to:

  • Single point to be the same shape, color, and size for both surveys based on Type of Damage
  • Bigger symbol size when total for a Type from Survey2 >1

  • Color assignment should match Type of Damage 'Type' color based on the 'Type' with the highest count and a tie goes to the next highest 'Type' count.

I've attached Survey1 and Survey2 for visual reference.

Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated!

James Tedrick‌, would you have any insight on whether this was possible?

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Not sure if it can be useful, but take a look at this page: Smart Maps - Mapping Made Easy | Esri 



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