Switch off the clustering in Survey123 map

12-14-2020 12:04 AM
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Hi everyone!

My surveys are visualised on the map in app as clustering points (I use Android 10). It is interesting that on iOS devices the same map are displayed without clustering. I would like to switch off clustering on Android, if it is possible.

How can I change visualisation into just usual points without clustering?

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Hi @Elena_Avdeeva,

It is not possible to turn off clustering in the Inbox map (or other folder/boxes map view). The clusters are automatically generated based on the FOV (scale/zoom level/map extents) of the map view. The likely reason you are seeing clustering on Android and not iOS at different zoom levels, is that the resolution and size of the screen is different, causes the clustering to occur at a different level. If you zoom in slightly on the Android device, to next zoom level, the clusters should then change into points.