Populate one field based on selections in multiple different fields

12-10-2020 07:11 AM
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Hi Everyone! 


I have a list of compliance regulations that need to auto-fill into a notes field when that criteria is selected throughout the survey form. For example: if someone is checking non-compliant standards for a structure, each check-box relates to a specific regulation; I need those to auto-fill in a notes field when selected. 

Several questions are select_multiple type, so I understand that I cannot use the Pulldata() function to reference them externally. What is the best solution to create this output?

Can I put them in their own domain list and use the selected() (if selected then display this) calculation? I am still semi-new to using S123 and would appreciate any help for this issue. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @MeghanJones,

Yes, if you want to extract values from a select multiple question into another text/note question you can use selected() and if() statements in your calculations to do this. Please refer to https://doc.arcgis.com/en/survey123/desktop/create-surveys/xlsformformulas.htm for more information.