Surveys not generating, no error message.

07-30-2018 03:58 PM
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My organization has a survey which we were previously able to generate reports from but now cannot. We do not receive an error message. The Word report just never generates and stays at 0%. Looking back at the last several reports that generated successfully, it seems that those reports all took around 3 min, 45 sec to generate. I'm guessing that this survey is too long or complicated and needs to be condensed and make better use of repeats. However, I'm not sure that this is the issue. I have attached the xls of the survey we have been having issues with.

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I am having the same issue.  Except, pending prints finally stop attempting to print after 6+ hours and indicate:

  • Duration:
    • 6 h 1 min26 s
  • Status
    • Failed
  • Message
    • task timeout
  • Failed Object IDs
    • 4

I've tried removing the groups that were added after the last print without success.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Oscar,

Is it possible for you to upload the XLSForm file (.xlsx) and the report template file (.docx) which can reproduce the problem? 

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Including here modified XLSFile and corresponding Feature Report Template.

Changes I made in XLSForm:

  • Replaced Groups with Repeats
  • Updated SUM calculations
  • Changed several question types from Text to Integer or Decimal
  • Renamed a handful of questions

Changes in Template:

  • Adjusted tables
  • Template is not complete, but I added enough to show the pattern.

With the changes above:

  • The form takes seven times less time to load (time difference calculated on Windows)
  • Report generates correctly

In the repeats, I added a hidden questions the Site Number, Area, Recorder and Date.This is of no use in the report, but it will help in case you want to download the data.

Chris Shuck

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Thank you!

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