Survey123app cannot record multiple photos and document

07-08-2020 01:46 AM
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Hi all,

I created a survey which needs to attach several photos.

I used Survey123app version 3.9.149. appFramework version 4.2.80. 

tested using :

Samsung Galaxy J+ android version 7.11 and 10

Xiaomi Redmi 5a android 7.12

Samsung A50 android 10

Iphone IOS version 12.4.5 and 13.5.1

here is my design survey to attach photos/images.

When i use 123app, the survey cannot take more than 2 images

It would be recorded in data and upload maximum only 2 photos

However using web browser its still possible, can be shown as the image below..

The uploaded data also record all photos

Using browser still possible. however in areas which has no internet connection needs survey123app to do some tasks.

How to solve this problem..?

Thank you...

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Hi Tatag,

This is expected, as the 3.9 release does not support multiple images or files for the one image or file question type. This will be supported in the 3.10 release which is due to be available in the coming weeks. If you want to test out this new functionality earlier in the field app, I suggest you take a look at the Early Adopter Community and the 3.10 RC builds where you can test this out. 

If you want to find out more you can also read the documentation on EAC here.



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