Survey123 with Experience builder workflow problem

02-25-2021 07:43 AM
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Hello Community,

I created a Survey123 form from an exiting AGOL  feature service (using Survey123 connect-see pic). The intent was to use the survey123 form inside experience builder to update the attributes on the existing feature service. I can capture the attributes from the map to the embedded survey using the experience builder tools "Add Connection". It is sending the data back to correct feature service, however when I submit the survey,  it juts create another record (a duplicate) on the attribute table. What I need is  to update the existing selected record, populate the fields that are blank and update the map symbology (e.g., red dot to green). Does anyone now what I'm doing wrong or have any suggestion how I can accomplish this task??? Thanks!




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Hi JB, we tried forever to get that working last Fall, but with no success.  It turned out to be a bug, or not supported yet or something at the time.   Seems like that may still be the case.

Hopefully someone else has better news.

I ended up creating a fairly complicated Integromat webhook to update a record which was called from a button in Experience Builder. 


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