Survey123 Website not saving What submitters can do

11-10-2020 05:11 PM
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Hello everyone:

I just wanted to ask if anyone of you had had the problem with the Survey123 website not saving what submitters can do on the collaborate tab.

For example I choose the option 'Only add new records' and you hit save, and it says the changes have been saved, then you reload the page and it shows no option picked.

And if you had, how did you prevent that from happening.

Thank so much for your kind responses.

Ernesto Rojas


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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing here! Could you please double-check the fieldworker view of your survey? If the "Enable editing" is disabled there, then the changes in the collaboration page will not be saved.

Here is the detailed instruction: 1) GO to AGOL or your portal, 2) Search for your survey folder, 3) Find the fieldworker view, check this view settings. Here is a blog that explains the backend mechanism in depth which is worth reading.

If this is not the case, please let me know, I will help you investigate further.

Thanks a lot!




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