pulldata() in relevant - iOS vs web app behaviour

10-28-2020 11:40 PM
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I'm using Survey123 Connect v3.10.239 and Survey123 iOS v 3.11.164

I have created a survey that uses a look-up CSV in the media folder and the pulldata() function to determine if three quantity fields should be shown (count, length, width) on a pavement inspection survey depending on the defect type.

For example, given a $defect, the qty_field_relevant_lut CSV in the media folder is used to look-up the defect and if the qty_count_relevant column's value equals 'yes' the field is relevant.

pulldata('qty_field_relevant_lut','qty_count_relevant', 'defect', ${defect}) = 'yes'

This is quite elegant as I have a long list of defects and using the CSV is much easier to configure and check than long formula logic. (Kudos to the devs)

In the Survey123 Connect preview it works beautifully.  Importantly, the iOS mobile app used in the field work works too.  However, the web form is not working,  for both creating new surveys and for editing existing surveys. 

I use the web form back in the office where the inspectors can review their work in a dashboard and then make edits using a URL call to the survey in the map popup

Concatenate("https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/f920d76b6e65429eb2757a9f185bcc1f?mode=edit&globalId=", $feature.globalid)

When using the web form to create a new survey, none of the fields that used pulldata() logic in the relevant column appear on the form at all.   When editing a record in the webform that was originally created on a mobile app, all quantity fields originally populated show, but if the defect type is edited the GUI does not change to reflect the new relevant fields.

Is this expected behavior?



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Hi Michael,

Is there any repeat in your survey? It sounds like you are encountering this existing salesforce issue: BUG-000130290: Relevant statement (relevant to an image question) d.. that the pulldata CSV does not work with repeats on the web app.

I encourage you to contact Esri Support. Our Support team will attach your case to the same bug report, which helps us assess the impact of the issue and prioritize it accordingly.



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Hi Ruth,

Interesting the survey does not have any repeats, it's a single table structure.

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