Survey123 Version 3.9.148 HTTP Custom URL Scheme Center Function Not Working

04-14-2020 07:23 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Our devices recently updated to Survey123 version 3.9.148. We are using a custom url scheme to pass data from collector to a few Survey123 forms. The other fields we are passing through populate correctly, but the "center" function is no longer working.

We have two arcade expressions built into our collector map, one to calculate the Lat/Long and the second to merge those together.  Our url for the scheme is this: center={expression/expr1}. Just to be sure, I created a text field in my survey and did a field pass through of the {expression/expr1} and it populated as expected. 

This was working in previous versions, and we still have an old version on one of our devices (3.6.153) that I just tested this morning to make sure and it functioned as excepted, centering on the location. 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Scott,

Are you using English locale or other locale on your mobile device?

Could you share your arcade expression with us?

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Are you using Survey123 via ArcGIS Online or Portal?

I've had this problem since migrating to Enterprise/Portal 10.6.1. The custom URL still works to pre-populate several fields, but the expressions to create the survey point directly on top of the existing point does not.

I look forward to reading the responses and, hopefully, finding a solution!

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Hello April, sorry for the delay in response. For this workflow we are using AGOL. We have since spoken with ESRI and they confirmed that it was an issue with the update. The Arcade expression was not being applied correctly. 

We had an option to roll back or find a new workflow and we chose to change our workflow. Will try it again when 3.10 comes out.

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