Survey123 Update Through Python

05-07-2020 10:10 AM
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I am trying to update csv (in media folder) and also the main xlsx (in root folder) file and then send the updates to our Portal using Python API. 

The Python API part is working because when I download the survey I do see the updates, but on the browser side, I am not able to see the updates that I was making. So I started to update the webfrom and the xml files from root folder by adding in the updates that I was making in the xlsx (in root folder) but this test again had the same result as I was not seeing the changes reflected on the browser side (even after clearing cache). 

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to build the webforms? In Survey123 Connect there is option for "Update survey form XLSForm spreadsheet" this is essentially updating the webforms and the xml. Is there a way to do this in Python? 


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Hi Gajanan,

Were you able to come up with a solution for this? If so, please share it on the forum.



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Any updates?

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