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08-24-2018 11:52 AM
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I spotted 2 potential problem with the Survey123 UI (Not the survey themself but the app UI).

The first is this one:

-Feature layer settings are made to not allow Edits

-User send a survey

-User edit the survey he just sent and then send it again

-Result: The survey fail to send, but no error is shown to the user. Of course we can see a small red circle next to the survey after the fact but the error will only show once the user click on the survey that failed to be sent. This should be made more obvious right when the user try to send the edited survey. In fact, I think the app should check with the feature service to see if the survey can be edited or not before allowing the user to edit it.

The second problem is about the way answers are defined as favourite in a survey.

We came across a case where a less tech savy user could have send us bad data unintentionally by trying to use this functionality.

Here is what happened:

-User open the Survey for the first time.

-Answer a question asking for his name.

-Set answer as favorite, thinking that only his name will be remembered.

-Then he continue answering the survey until the end, ignoring that all other answered questions will also be saved as favorite.

-The next time he fills a new survey he pastes his favorite answer thinking only his name will be filled. But actually more answers are filled. And some of those answer can be under a hidden group of rarely answered questions so that the user might not spot the problem.

So I think the way favorite answers are saved is not intuitive enough (Start a survey -> answer some questions only -> save as favorite -> Quit the survey -> save as draft)

It would be great if it could be possible to disable the "Favorite answer" button for a survey. Or, as an alternative, mark some question as "Can't be saved as favorite".

The reason I would like this functionality is to ensure data Integrity of the answers.

Thank you for your time


For the first problem about trying to edit a Sent survey for which you don't have editing right, I found a new problem that is not optimal. If you tried to send such a survey, it will fail as stated before. But what make it worst is that the survey dissapear from the "Sent" folder and then get stuck in another folder ("Outbox" or something similar in english), leaving the user with no choice but to delete it. It would be great if the survey could be send back in the "Sent" folder so that the user doesn't lose any data when attempting to edit a survey.

The correct workflow I would like my user to do to edit a survey is to actualy chose "Copy sent data in a new survey" from the "Sent" box. As stated above, this become impossible for them to do if they make the wrong choice (Click Edit instead of Copy).

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I now realise that most of my points about the "Favorite answers" part were already mentionned here:  Survey123 Feature Request: Persistent Answers. 

I added new information about the Editing process.

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