Survey123 Online Form Builder - can I mark a field as 'read only'?

09-12-2018 03:55 PM
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In the past I have created my Survey123 forms using the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS, this works well and has plenty of functionality.

One thing I require when creating a form is being able to set the field as 'read only', and in the software I can do this simply in the excel doc:

I am giving the  form builder a go and I have hit a hurdle, I need to be able to set a single line text field as read only, but it doesn't seem to exist in the 'edit' pane. 

Does anyone know if this option has been made available yet ? Or do I have to go start from scratch, creating it using the Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS software?


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Hi Andrew

This is not currently available in the web designer, please share your workflow and I'll get this added to an enhancement request.



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Hi John, 

I am unsure what more you would like me to provide to create an enhancement request?

See my original post above, I have a screenshot showing the excel document which is used to create my Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS survey form, I simply select yes from the readonly column, this means when I pass through an attribute from my collector map, to this survey form, the field is populated by the url, but the user is unable to modify this form field as it is marked as readonly.

This is a URL example, showing how the field is populated, i am unsure if you need this?


But in summary, all I want to do is be able to add an item when building my form on the Survey123 web builder, and set that field to be read only. 

Something like this, see red item to right of screenshot:

Thanks John.

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