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Survey123 table not displaying changes for users.

04-18-2024 04:29 AM
New Contributor II

A user updates an existing record in a survey. Via the the Data tab in[survey_id]/data using the right hand panel. 

They then go to the check the record in the table. The change they made, and saved, does not display in the S123 table view. However, when they filter to show only that record the change is visible in the table. The update is not visible when the filter is removed.

Viewing the table via the hosted feature layer in AGOL, linked as the submission url, they are able to see the change in the Data tab without any filtering.

The update is also visible when the data is exported from S123 as a CSV. 

The updates are visible to admin accounts in S123 without filtering.

You'd think it's an accounts permission issue but why can't users see the updates in S123 if they can see them in AGOL?

Images attached show difference between filtered and unfiltered view for a user account with permission to edit their own records. 

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