Survey123 successfully triggers Power Automate (MSFLOW) but emails are not received

08-09-2021 02:17 PM
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I have a fairly basic survey which includes one relevant question leading to 5 groups in which there is a calculation in each. There are no further questions beyond the group. I am using Power Automate to send an email that a form has been completed. I am able to successfully make a connection to my survey, view and input the dynamic text, and save the flow. While the flow says it ran successfully after submitting a test survey, and no error messages appear - I receive no email. I have tried using the “Send an email (V2)” as well as the “Send an email notification (V3)” option, to no avail. I have tried testing my flow using just 1 of my relevant selections just to see if it would work, but still nothing. In the Webhooks setting in Survey123, I have both “New record submitted” and “Existing record edited” selected (because eventually I want to set up edit-mode parameters). FYI - I have another process that runs successfully and emails are received so there is no issue with firewalls. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

Update: I figured it out for anyone who might experience similar problems. Apparently there was an error after all. The flow was successful up until the last step of the process (sending of the email) at which point the process just ended. Since the flow reached the last step, it gave a "successful" result. But when I looked at the details of the steps, I saw where the last condition did not meet the requirements of the previous. That then led me to look more at my relevant question that the condition was based on. There was a hidden apostrophe in my domain values which had been published as text. I converted them to number and republished the survey. Remember that when you republish a survey, you also need to delete and create a new webhook. You will then need to make a new connection to the survey in MSFlow. My next problem was that those numbers then needed quotation marks around them in the "condition" in my Flow. That seems like an obvious solution but my other process did not require it... but that was two years ago. I also reset all of my dynamic text since my survey had been republished and I had a new connection. It's a Christmas miracle it works. 

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