Issues using Time type

07-15-2021 09:12 AM
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I was working on a form that contains a time field within a repeat. The issue that I am encountering is that after the submission of the survey, the data gets saved properly but if I am trying to make an update to any field and re-submit, the values in the Time field will be deleted starting at page 2. none of the other fields will be affected except for that one.

I think what could be happening is that for some reason the Time field value is not getting pulled from the database for pages that are not rendered (which is weird since all of the other ones do) leaving that field blank, so it would replace the values in the database with blanks.

Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Relevant Notes:

1. The repeat is set to query allowUpdates=true

2. DateTime type will not behave this way.

3. If you go through the pages the values will be stored, if you don't and make a change the values will be removed.

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@DerekLaw @IsmaelChivite  any ideas? It is worth knowing that when I update the record I used Inbox.

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