Survey123 submit error

04-16-2023 02:30 AM
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We work offline (remote area with no reception) collecting wombat burrow data and I have asked all volunteers to save their survey data in outbox and submit once back in range

It worked for most but one volunteer received this message "Send error. Surveys not sent: 1"

How do we retrieve the data within this survey if it can't be sent? None of the fields in the survey is mandatory so Im not sure why it's failing

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Click the red icon to the left of the survey record in the outbox to bring up a hopefully more informative message.

There are a lot of reasons a survey may fail to submit. Some common reasons are here:

The above page also has instructions on how to get log files, which can help narrow it down.

You can also consider if it's all users impacted, were there changes to the survey, what version is the survey form and their apps ... To help narrow down what it may be.

If you need more help can you please share additional information, the logs, error message with detail, and ideally the XSLSForm? Will really help us help you.


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