Survey123 - Slow Loading form on Android device with Sum Repeats

10-09-2020 01:39 AM
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I have a large form  roughly 800 lines (approx 300 hidden lines) it is divided into groups and also a number of repeats and i have roughly 200 sum calculations on the back of the repeats. Would it be expected behavior for such a form to take up to a minute to load on an android device? There are relevancies on all groups repeat ect.

Other then That Are there any specific issues known to slow down a form loading on Android devices  

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Hi Paul Sweeney

Check out this Survey123 FAQ - How many questions can a survey contain?

Your answer may be largely dependent on whether your form is published to ArcGIS Online or Portal.

Additionally, I'd ensure you're at the latest version of the field app - Survey123 v. 3.10.326



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