Survey123 Select_multiple question unable to unselect items in field app

10-28-2020 04:20 PM
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I have several select multiple questions in my published survey. However, after an update to Survey123 field app (3.11.164) users are unable to uncheck/unselect their choices. The behavior is normal in Connect (3.11.123), choice can be unselected. Has anyone else had this issue? survey123; #select multiple question

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This issues seems to apply to all select_multiple questions and on different devices. I tested it using ratings from the default choice list. I tested it on an iPad Air gen 2, and iPhone 8, both running iOS 14.1- and I was unable to unselect the choices. Attached is the xlsform.

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I am seeing this also but with some more info. 

You can check by tapping the square or the word.  But to uncheck you can only tap the word - tapping the actual box will not uncheck it.

Test on iOS 3.11.  Seems ok in Connect

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Thanks for taking it a step further Doug Browning and showing it is at least partially functional. Very valuable information.#bug 

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Bump to see if this is a logged bug yet?  thanks

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We are still experiencing in our organization. Any word from ESRI about a fix?

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Hello @AndrewPadilla @DougBrowning @OrrinBabcock


We have created an internal issue for this behavior. I would suggest contacting Esri Technical Support and they will be able to log an official BUG for the behavior which will allow for tracking progress on the issue. 


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Hello, @DougBrowning @OrrinBabcock @ZacharySutherby I contacted Esri support and a bug has been logged (BUG-000136515) .