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Survey123 Reports combine data into one field based on duplicate ID

05-26-2022 07:35 PM
New Contributor II

Hi there,

I am after some guidance on how to complete the following problem. I have a survey that collects data on inspections and contains a repeat for data from historic inspections. I have a table in my report output that has the element that was inspected and the historic repeat data. This means that the element will have the same ID e.g. sign is element 1 and handrail is element 2, these element numbers are unique to the type of element. I then have historic data about anything inspected for signs (element 1) etc. 

The below shows how it currently looks in my report:

Element noHistoric Data Log
1Feb 2020 
1Feb 2021 
1Feb 2022 


Below is what I am wanting to export, basically merging all entries with the same element no and remove duplicated ID's but keep individual historic entries and have all historic data within one cell of the table

Element noHistoric Data Log
1Feb 2020
Feb 2021
Feb 2022


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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