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Survey123 Report Template

06-13-2023 07:52 AM
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Successfully generating reports out of Survey123 via a template that we've created but we're experiencing blank pages being included, also wasteful blank space in between sections. Commands to include in the template to concatenate, I'm drawing a blank on how to make this more visually efficient. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Could you provide the report template? That would help in troubleshooting. Also, do any of the questions in your report have conditional statements for visibility?


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Probably best if I don't include for anything proprietary within. Harder to help I know but I'm open to suggestions.

Basic setup of title block, date of observations gets entered, section for notes, then photos. Repeat 14-15 times throughout for different areas inspected/observed of site/home/building/parcel of land, etc.

Unit 1, 123 Main Street

Date Observed: ${unit_date}


${unit_site | appearance:"multiline"}

Photos: ${#unit_photo}

${$file | size:500:0:0:700}



Some sections roll right next to each other page for page, no problems. Other areas will have a blank page for no reason. Nothing different from section to section. 


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