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Survey123 Report Template Summary- How to make wildlife species only represented once within a summary report for a repeat single select question

08-15-2023 09:55 AM
New Contributor III

We are trying to create a Survey123 report template that exports a summary table of wildlife species observed within our Survey123 forms. However, we would like the species to only be represented once. Currently our code for grabbing the species and placing in ascending order is as follows:


${#wildlife_observations| orderByFields:” wildlife_observed ASC” ${wildlife_observed}


Would someone be able to assist us with the additional command we need to have each species represented only once in our table? The data is collected within a repeat single select with associated domain list. 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @Bio_GIS,

Have you looked into the groupByFieldsforStatistics parameter of the stats method? It's documented in the Survey123 Report queries>Aggregate functions section of the documentation and there's an example in the Survey123 Report queries>Include select value section.

- Barbara

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