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Survey123 Report Template Issues - Parsing Error - Select one, within a repeat, within a group, within a group

06-28-2023 01:01 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I have been trying to generate a Word.doc report for a Survey123 form. A Word Template has been provided by a national authority and so it can not be altered. The Form has also been provided by an authority and so the schema is not editable.

My issue is the following; A select one question, pulling from a choice list, is embedded within a repeat question. The repeat question is located within a group, inside a group.


Above is an extract from the XLS. form. The repeat is used to report the finding of individual items at a site, but multiple can be reported in one form, for each a photo, location and some info is required...

Below is the choices list.


Below is the suggested syntax on the quick reference page that does not work.


Below is the section of the report template I wish to populate with a check box, and a list of grids, descriptions etc. 


Could anyone please show me an example of how the syntax should look? 





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