Survey123 removes attachments & deletes data during edit

06-27-2022 08:16 AM
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I use Survey123 for field staff to submit information to supervisors for approval. The survey was designed in Connect. Surveys are submitted on web browsers, not the phone app. Field staff submit work orders to supervisors. Supervisors can then approve or reject the work order. Several attachments are required in the work order. On the Survey123 website in the survey's data tab, a supervisor is supposed to use filters to find specific work orders and select the work order in the table/spreadsheet. A panel appears to the right of the table. Supervisors click on the edit/pencil icon and then answer the approve/reject question. Sometimes attachments will be present before clicking the edit icon and then disappear once the supervisor clicks the edit icon and starts editing the survey. Supervisors are not creating new surveys; they are editing existing records. There are multiple attachment questions. It's not the same attachment question that is always affected nor is it the same type of attachment (pdf, docx, jpg). One time data from a non-attachment question was wiped but the attachments all stayed in place. Other times, everything works as it should. Why do attachments sometimes disappear? Why would Survey123 delete previously submitted data when a survey is being edited?

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I am experiencing a similar issue. I have a survey that tracks application status updates. Each step requires a new upload of payments or signatures. I've noticed that when the status is updated and a new attachment is added and saved the previous attachment is deleted. Each status has it's own file type question and are all set to accept multiple attachments.