Survey123: Relevant Statements and Data in Fields

08-27-2020 08:31 AM
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If a person selects the answer to a previous question and it opens the fields up to be answered and they populate data but then go and change their answer to the previous question which hides the fields the data which was put into the fields w/ relevant statements is lost.  Is this by design?  Is there anyway for that data to be saved if they accidently switch back and forth on the question that pertains to the relevant statements?


Question 1:  Are you at the site? (Yes/No answer)

if they answer Yes, then two new fields (Questions 2 and 3) appear (based on relevant statements)

Questions 2 and 3 are answered by staff

Then staff goes back to Question 1 and accidently chooses No, which hides the Questions 2 and 3

The data originally answered in Questions 2 and 3 is now lost.

Staff fixes Question 1 back to Yes and Questions 2 and 3 reappear but the original data they put in is no longer there.

Is this by design?  Anyway to workaround that?

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Hi Ryan,

Yes, what you are seeing is the correct and expected behaviour. When a question is not relevant, it can not contain a value. There is a difference between hidden questions (non visible) vs not relevant questions.

If you want to store values for these questions, you would have to use other hidden questions and put the values into those via calculations when those original question become not relevant.



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I ran into this also where the crew accidentally hit it after collecting data and lost everything.

I switched to the new body::esri:visible column now and it works great.  You can simply move your relevant statement over to it.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Doug - we're trying out the body::esri:visible column this week, thank you for the idea.

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