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05-12-2021 04:38 AM
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I am currently collecting questionnaires from a large number of participants and expecting over 1,000 responses to at least one questionnaire. Is there a cap on Survey123 for the maximum number of responses were participants may not be able to submit if it exceeds this threshold?



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Sorry. Out of the box, it is not possible to automatically close a survey when a predetermined number of responses are submitted. You can close the survey using a time window.

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Thank you for this information, I was also wondering how many responses can be received for each survey? If I had 1,500 participants completing one survey, is this possible and is there no maximum amount of surveys that can be received per questionnaire?

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Hello, I have a quick question on this discussion I would like to add. Under the participants aspect, with high volume or extended use of surveys, is there a way to set time limit parameters or schedule a time out for each participant? Like if several participants at a time are taking the survey, will it time out and ask to restart or reset the survey if individually they take too long to respond or submit? This discussion is very interesting and am glad to learn more on the subject.

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