Survey123 Question Labels Not Appearing

10-30-2018 08:05 PM
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I'm having an issue with the question prompt not appearing for some, but not all the questions in a survey web form. The hint appears, but not the question label doesn't. What the questions have in common is they are all text questions that only appear if "Other" (and in some cases "Unknown") is selected as an answer to a relevant question.

Example of a question that appears as it should:

Examples of questions that aren't displaying question prompts:

I made the survey through Survey123 Connect, and the question labels do all appear there. It was all working fine last week, and this only happened today after I modified the xlsform with some changes to choice labels, adding in two additional questions, and changing some Note-type questions in the survey so they wouldn't have fields associated with them in the data table. I didn't make any changes to the questions where this issue is happening.

What's also weird is I first updated an existing survey and it appeared fine. I decided to make a copy of the form in Survey123 Connect and publish a new one so I could have a new data layer, and the issue first appeared in the new web form. I was going to give up and go back to the old one, but the issue now appears in the old form too, even though I didn't update it again.

I've attached snippets of the xlsform I used, with the code and choices for the good and bad examples I have above. Instead of using the "or_other" feature, I added "Other" as a choice in choice lists where necessary, and then added text questions that only appear when "Other" is the answer to a relevant question, because I wanted to be able to customize question labels (instead of just "Specify Other") and require them to be answered.

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Making a copy of the survey manually, through copying and pasting the rows in my xlsform and matching the settings to be the same as the old one, fixed the problem. I still don't know what was causing it, but I wonder if it was due to my making a copy of a copy of a survey in Survey123 Connect, using the "Create a New Survey" option that appears when you click on the three lines next to a survey.

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Nevermind, this issue cropped up again in the new survey I created, this time after doing an update where the only things I changed were adding in constraints and constraint messages for several questions, and making two questions required. This happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I'm not going to remake the survey again, because the web form link has already been shared with users, and it's also not feasible to do this for every update. I would greatly appreciate it if someone from Esri could help me figure out what is causing this problem.

One thing I noticed is that each time this happens, the borders around the question groups disappear. Could it all be the result of a web page formatting issue?



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Hi Monica,

Apologies for the late reply.  When I published the sample file you provided with 3.1, (released after your first post), I'm not seeing the behavior you've documented.  Just to check, can you turn off version locking (on the Settings tab of a survey in the Survey123 website) and check if that resolves the issue?

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Hi James,

Thanks so much for the reply--better late than never! The survey's "Always use the latest web app" switch was already set to to Off, but installing the new version of Survey123 Connect on my computer (the one I'd been using was version 2.8.4) and then republishing the survey solved the problem. Thank you for the lead!

However, I'm now experiencing a problem in questions that have constraints. For any questions that have a constraint and constraint message, the constraint message appears automatically. For example, when I first open the survey form, it'll say "This answer is over the character limit" below all the questions where I put this constraint message. When I remove the constraint message, it instead says, "It's an invalid answer" instead below the question. This isn't a huge issue for me, because I can either change the message so it'll function like an answer hint, or I can delete the constraint and constraint message that I put in to notify users of answers over the character limit (now that it seems to appear automatically), but I thought someone should know.

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I have the same problem.

The headings (Yes, No, N/A) show fine in the Windows X64 Survey123 viewer:


However, not in the Android App:


Were you able to solve this issue? Surveys/Apps are all using the latest versions of the apps (3.13).

Thanks in advance,




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